Saturday, October 16, 2010

He's not my Prince Charming

When i was a little girl, i had been dreamed 'bout my prince charming. He would be so sweet to me. Waiting beside me 'till i felt asleep, came asap when i need him, always wiped my tears at my cry-baby moment, gave me a blowing kiss at our phone-night-call, kiss my forehead in front of his friend, a weekend dating at sunday is a must, accompanied me home after dating, love me without ask me to do anything..

I found one and he's my only but he isn't my prince charming. He's just an imperfect man (or boy? Idk..). He did't want to carry me home and he never gave me a phone night call after we became a couple. I know why but i don't know why too. I do miss his phone call a lot.

Am i just being an egoist girl. Maybe..

But, hey!! I'm just a girl dat need a proof of his love to me. Sometimes, i think he don't love me that much.. :(

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