Thursday, September 24, 2015

I tried

I tried to stop.
I want to stop.

But i can't stop my self to try again.

Even though everytime i try to reach you, my heart is aching.

I wish my feeling would reach you.
Sooner than later.

Don't you realize it?
Your silent mouth just make everything is going worse for me.
If your words already so painful,
No words will kill my heart, slowly but sure

If i pretend everything will be okay, won't it be?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And at the end...

i'm crying while hugging him.


Have you?

Have you ever get sick with someone you love?
Looking at him makes you feel eant to vomit.
And talking to him kind of disgusting.

Well, it's too much.
I know.

But i don't feel any pain.
And in my circumstance this is totally weird.

Me, of all of people.
Me, thehopelessly romantic one.
Me, who cried a lot for him.
Now feel nothing but numb.

6 months.
I'll hold this till 6 months later.
If there are nothing change in this 6 months.
I'll go.
WO from your life.

What is the point of being together when you'renot happy with me?
What is the point of trying to hold on when there's nothing to hold?

One last time

There will be one day,
When you left me
And i'm broken into pieces.

Now, i'm pretty sure about that.
We'll be going anywhere.
Don't you think so?

I can feel it.
This feeling, my feeling is fading away.
Very slowly, but it is fading.

I can feel it.
It's not the same feeling you used to feel.
And my time is being with you shorter.

Should i cry?
Should i laugh?
Should i angry?
Should i happy?

i love you now,
BUT who kknows about tomorrow?

Daun jatuh karena angin yang bertiup dengan kuat?
atau karena pohon yang tidak bisa menahannya?

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I wish

I wish you were here.

Aku berharap kamu disini
Aku berharap kamu bertanya,"ada dimana?"
Aku berharap kamu bertanya, "cincin apa?"
Aku berharap kamu berkata," Hati-hati ya"
Aku berharap kamu lebih peduli

Aku benar-benar berharap seperti itu.
Sampai rasanya mati.