Sunday, December 30, 2012

ini masih ga sih?

"kamu kesayanganku.."
"kamu lebih penting dari kerjaanku"
"aku mau serius sama kamu."

How can i not melt?

Aku masih kesayanganmu kan?
Ya pasti lebih penting dari kerjaanlah,namanya juga pacar, tapi pentingnya uda ga kayak dulu. Kalo pilihannya aku di UGD ato kerjaan, baru kamu milih aku. Kalo pilihannya  kerjaan atau aku pulang-pergi sendirian, kerjaan atau minjemin tangan buat pacar yanglagi suntuk, baru deh pilih kerjaan.
Ini juga pasti dong, kalo ga serius, pasti ada banyak bullshit, iya ga? Kalo ternyata ga serius pun, ya uda, berarti ga jodoh. Ga usah pusing, ga mau pusing, nanti dikatain ribet lagi sama si bawel.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Am i worth?

There are times, when i asked to my self, a lot of times, and those question surrounding in my head. Like a thousamd times..

am i worth to fighting for?

i really don't know. All of these times, i'd been in love a lot times and beloved in return sometimes. But, got someone that love you, didn't mean he will fight for you. Got it?

I don't know how should a girl be in a man's priority, but i swear, i know that i'm not in your top three for daily life. hahaha.

a year ago, someone's made me feels like i'm on never-ending chasing games. I always be the one who try to understand. i try to understand when he didn't  pick me up. and i need to umderstand too that i must go home before it's getting late or he would get problem to park his car. I understand, when i need to befriend with his friend, laughing, and pretending i'm okay. I understand when i need to wait a week before we met. And i understand that he will never come to me when i need him the most because he got tired after those worktimes. and in the end, i gave up. I let my heart free, because you're not there to hold me.

And finally,  i think i found someone whose completely made me feel those sparkle feeling again. At the first three months, everything seems so perfect. hahaha. but i think, perfect have the same description with forever, it never exist. I know those risk, to have someone's very busy like you. And i understand. really.. I umderstand those times. But now, there's some quetion that pop one by one in my head? Why you got piss off when i don't want to meet ypur sister?  Why you never had a chitchat with my parents? My mom keep aasking me why you never come to my home, why you never talk ro her, Isn't it nessecary to have her permission before bring her daughter travel around? One times, i asked you, and you said if i already asked them (my parents) so you didn't need to do that. You are the one that told me that sometimes basa-basi is important. Are you still thinking so? My mom keep teeling me to tell you about this thing, but i don't know how. How can i tell you without ruin your mood? is there anyway?

One night on my way home, i realize one thing, you never accompanied me home again like those times. Did you get it by "those times"? And i don't want you to carry me home too.

My next year resolution is being more taft. I'm tired with this sentimebtal.feelings. If there's no one think that i'm worth  to fight for, so i need to fight for my self, don't you think so?

btw, i gave up with one of my dream. I buried it deep down in my head. So when the times never comes,  i won't get dissappoint. hehe :')

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

i wish i never exist. :D

i really  wish frim my frepest heart.

may i!

there r timra when i feel, ah i dobt wanna live anymote. maybe i should let him beat me. til i die or all of my bone break or till i losr my mind. now is one of those time. i wish i'm out of my mind forever

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Thursday, December 20, 2012


sampai ntah berapa jali kepikir buat nyerah.

apa aku harus kena tipus dl? arau ketabrak di jalan? baru kalian sadar?

well, tadi pas jalan, akhirnya aku tau masalahku apa. very low self esteem. hahaha

mungkin karena itu. aku aja nulainy rendah, apalagi org lain? ga ada harganya.. :')

aku sedih.

expectatuon kills.

sebentar lg aku lulus, dan sejujurnya, semua omomhan dulu itu, makin ga kliatan, pudar, tenggelam. uda tau semua ga gampang, but why did u still put ur expectation those high? silly girl!

i wish i won't be there amymore

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Monday, December 17, 2012

24jam ga ketemu kamu. Lebih. Mungkin sampai kita ketemu besok, 36 jam kita ga ketemu.
Aku stres sekarang. Banget. Rasanya ga pernah aku setertekan ini. Sampai rasanya mual. Pengen nangis. Pengen berhenti. hehehe
kliatan menye menye banget ya? Not tough at all, huh?
Ya salahku sih sebagian besar. hahaha
aku mual pin.
Pengen kamu banget.
Pengen ada disana. Bobo, dipeluk kamu, ga mikir apa-apa.
Pengen nangis sampe cape.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not a good start

there are times,

when i felt tired the most,

when i need yiu to be there, even in silent, bit you're never there.

i need you more, did you know?

when i want to cry,

i found no one. hahaha

i'm lost and had nowhere to go.

i miss those cute old times. really. :'(

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Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm in love

i'm in love.

how can i know?

when i look straight into your eyes,

i just know.

that i'm still falling.

much deeper.

did you notice me?

are you still in love?

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Monday, December 3, 2012

if only,
yes. it's "If Only"
i won't be here tomorrow, and the day after, and many days after,
'till no one knows.
Will you cry for me?