Monday, April 11, 2011

They say if a man loves a women, they'll do EVERYthing as long as possible. But i don't think you'll be the same like them. It's you, my only one best boy, that won't do EVERYthing for me. You never do anything that will risk your self. When i ask you about this, you said, "If it can be easier, why we need to make it difficult?". I asked my self lately, did you love me that much? If that so, why do i always feel that i'm the one that always run to you..? i envy Nicola, or Sonia, or others girl that have a lot attention from their boyfie. I know.. this kinda another egoism from me. But hey! I'm just an ordinary girl dat love to have all of ur attention.. "Papi" went to Safari just to buy a penguin dolls to Dekil, and a week later, he went to safari once again just to buy a couple of keychain. Safari - Mangga Besar. Jakarta Pusat - Cisarua. Safari isn't a place that you'll go just to buy a keychain, right? i'll know you'll never be like them.

If i ask you to be here, right now, would you come?

I don't know boy what i want. idk.. Just want you fully for me

I want you here with me, beside me, hug me, kiss my forehead, ang hold me tightly..