Wednesday, February 1, 2012

may i?

well, let's to the point.

We had another movie time together. Again!!
Nooo. It's not me and my dearest brother. It's me with mr.B. (Let's call him mr.B from now on. :p)
We watch Journey 2 The Mysterious Island (and this movie full with bullshit). Overall, i enjoy our time. There's a moment when i can feel my face blushing. beneran deh, rasanya panas mukaku. Waktu tw2 dy nutup mataku trus bilang, "Tebak dy pake hp apa.." suprise? yes.. abis tw2 tangan dy di mukaku. We sit so close. Bahkan ada saat-saat dimana muka kita deket. Yah.. sejengkal lah paling jaraknya. Deket kan?

My dearest brother will get mad if he read this. huaaaa..

hey, may i have another older brother?

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