Wednesday, December 22, 2010

have i told you that i love you?

hei boy, have i told you 'bout how much i love you?

Thanx anyway for the Teddu Bear that you gave for me as my christmast present. You never know how much it means to me. Hehehehe.. Do you think i like it...? Definetely NOT! I LOVE it a lot!! :D It's my first present from you. And it is a Teddy Bear. Hooaaaaaaa.. *can't-stop-smiling*

you know, i wish i can spend my christmast eve with you, but i know i can't. :( how 'bout on 25th? It would be nice to spend all day with you, may i..? Do you know why i wanna do this badly? Because it's our first christmast being together, i just want to make it more perfect with you here beside me all day. Little bit egoist, am i? :'p

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