Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Dating.. :)

Tomorrow, i have a super happy dating with my BF. You know what's the best part? He come to my home, introduced him to my mom, carried me from and to my home. Weew!! how can'y i feel so happy? :)

And then, we go to Senayan Trade Center. He was lookin for some Kamen Rider action figure, but unluckily, it's still expensive. And we interst to bobble head's figure, but (hell yeah) unluckily, it's dirty, and he thinked did't wotrhed enough to pay 35k idr to buy that thing. hahahhaa. Btw, you know what's bobble head are? it's some kind of action figure,but have small body and big head. If u put it on your car dashboard, it will shake his head when u are driving. :)

Bored here, we moved to Senayan City and decided to watch Unstopable. We bought the ticket and then take a lunch because the movie started at 14.55 and it was still 13.30. I order KFC's twister and he's order Fried Rice at Bakmi GM. We have fast luch ( as usuall) and still have an hour to have another walking time, so we did it. hehehe

The movie is good, but honestly,i don't really like the genre. i prefer horror or drama than action. I prefer Rapunzel than Unstopable, but i didn't tell him. U know why? i love to see his smile and i didn't think he would smile if i push him to watch Rapunzel.

Aaaahhhh, boy. Actually, it's just another dating with you, but why does i love you more now? :)

love you boy. Can't wait for another dating with you.
Can't wait for our first christmas..


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