Sunday, May 22, 2011

today is sunday

today is sunday. And of course, it's time to have weekly dating him. :) actually, i still feel tired after yesterday's party, but i wanna meet him much more, so i decided to go to Gading.

May be because of tiring yesterday, my mood not that good, i easy to get angry and feel so sensitive. I'm not in the mood to kiss or being like loveydovey as ussual. I cried without any worth reason. Sorry dear for being annoying..

You asked me, ''was there anything that had changed from me since we started dating till now?''. And when i answer it, i realize that you suddenly get on bad mood . You look so sad, and it made me feel that u need me to hug your back. And when i looked at ur face, u wipe something from your eyes. Tears? Maybe.. But i guess yes. Sorry boy, for being such an annoying girlfriend today.

In the end, it's always me who ruin all the mood, rightt? Sorry..

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